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If you would like to talk with a doctor without having to make an appointment to drive to an office and wait to see anyone to get a medical prescription you need, then GetRcMedsNow.com is for you.

GetRxMedsNow.com offers you a telephone conference with a physician licensed in your state of residence to prescribe medications the doctor considers appropriate for your medical needs. You do not have to take your valuable time to go to an in-person meeting to get the prescriptions you require.

The telephone consultation with a GetRxMedsNow.com physician is HIPAA-compliant. Therefore, it is a private discussion and not disclosed to anyone, including your attending physician or family members. Any consultation you have with a doctor through GerRxMedsNow.com is completely confidential.

At the conclusion of the telephone consultation, the GetRXMedsNow.com physician will send electronically any prescriptions written for you to the local pharmacy of your choice. Your local pharmacy can fulfill your electronic prescriptions the same day or the next day.

When sending the electronic prescription to your local pharmacy, your GetRXMedsNow.com physician can order for you any refills he or she believes are appropriate for your medical situation.

You can use your insurance or other prescription discount plans to pay for your medications. GetRXMedsNow.com does not participate in the revenue derived from fulfilling prescriptions.

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